Why Buy From Us?

When it comes to our world – it’s in need of tremendous assistance. The world is moving towards a nearly irreversible path, and for people like you and us, we want change. We want sustainability, we want eco-friendly solutions that help to move us forward – not backwards.

And most importantly, we want to enjoy everything that this world has to offer.  Currently 80% of our collection is regenerated nylon.  At Ceilia Swim, our swimwear is just one small step towards ensuring a better world.

Our Partnerships

We’re proud to partner with ECONYL®, our trusted sustainability partner who works diligently to turn ocean waste like ghost nets, trash, and the like into usable fabrics, from which we delicately craft our attractive line of women’s swimwear. In our minds, no organization cleans our oceans better than them, and we’re proud to help transform the trash that they collect into fashionable fashion pieces that women from all around the world can lovingly embrace and become part of the solution.

This valued partnership with ECONYL® allows us to take a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach to women’s swimwear, while ensuring that saving marine life and saving our oceans remains our top priorities.

Sustainable Swimwear Made Sexy

For us, nothing is more important than producing a full line of women’s swimwear, women’s bathing suits, and women’s bikinis that are comfortable, attractive, and sexy. Our swimwear is minimal, and it shows off your natural curves and features like no other.

At Ceilia Swim, we’re firm believers that every woman deserves to look and feel exactly how she wants – she should have the chance to show the world who she really is, and she should have the chance to live in a world that’s safe, prosperous, and flourishing.

If you’re ready to become part of the solution, click here to view our products and make your first purchase today. Saving the ocean has never been easier.

Sustainability Can Be Modern

When “sustainable swimwear” comes to mind, what exactly do you picture? The fact is that many women picture old, drab, and dull bathing suits that do nothing to show off your natural features. But at Ceilia Swim, we’re looking to transform the ways in which sustainable swimwear are designed, produced, and worn.

In today’s world, sustainability has to mean more than simply recycling more – it has to be a lifestyle change. You can embrace sustainability in nearly everything that you do, and you can start by saving marine life.

The goal of modern sustainability is to find new ways to re-invent the products that we use, the clothes that we wear, and the things that we buy to ensure that they don’t contribute to the problem of global warming and climate change. For this very reason, our swimwear is made from fabric derived entirely from ocean waste and trash.

In our minds, Ceilia Swim is helping to transform the concept of sustainability to show that it really can be modern.